From Boxes to Containers of Books!

Did you know that the need for CEF literature around the world is so big that we no longer provide only boxes of literature or pallets full of boxes? During this year 17 countries will have received 22 ft containers packed with literature. A full container is roughly 18 tons and usually contains Meet the King! booklets, Wonder Devotional Books and a selection of Bible lesson flashcards. When the container is packed at our ministry partner, Revival Movement, it normally takes two hours to fill the container, with four people packing the boxes and one person on the forklift bringing the pallets to the container. These are experienced packers! To unload a container at the destination sometimes takes a full day or more.


Recently we received this encouraging email from a girl who received a set of Wonder Devotional Books which were sent in one of these containers:  


"It is a joy for me to write to you and to share my joy. Last summer I received the


Wonder Devotional Books (volumes 1-8). I started with volume three--Power Through the Holy Spirit which I read it in September/October. I realized that God spoke much to me through this book. I was sinning often in my behavior at school and in my attitude towards the Word of God. I took different types of Bible studies, but it seemed that nothing got through to me and everything seemed so distant--that is, until I started to read the Wonder Devotional Books. It seems that they were written especially for me. I like that throughout the text it was personally written with the word "you." The book is written in a friendly way between the writer and the reader. Today my attitude and behavior have changed for the good. I wouldn't like to say that all is rosy in my spiritual life, but knowing that I love my Father in Heaven and He helps me to not sin. Now I am reading the 4th book (Spending Time with God) and I have realized how important prayer is in the life of every Christian. Thank you so much for the Wonder Devotional Books!"  


Meet_the_King_Children_-_South_AfricaThe good news is also that there are more girls like this one. Potentially there could be literally millions of boys and girls who have been helped through CEF devotional books. In the past 10 months alone 2,686,400 copies of various Wonder Devotional Books and Every Day With God were sent around the world. His Word is active! Would you please pray that the Lord will use it in a similar way to how it was used in the life of the girl mentioned above?  


As you read this four containers are about to be packed for Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Sri Lanka.


- Pray that these, too, will reach their destination soon.


- Pray that the customs fees will not be high.


- Pray that the literature will be used for His glory.


Remember too, that as well as these containers, boxes and pallets of literature are also being sent out almost every day! The smaller orders are equally as important! 

By Bogdan Bassara, International Literature Director

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